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jobsGround-Breaking Melanoma Detection Device Now Available!


The dermatologists at Skin and Cancer Associates (SCA) are pleased to be one of the first in South Florida to offer MelaFind, a newly approved technology to non-invasively and painlessly see below the skin's surface. The high-tech device will help dermatologists decide when moles should be removed and checked for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

MelaFind® uses multi-spectral data capture and sophisticated computer algorithms to automatically acquire and analyze lesion data from under the skin's surface to help dermatologists detect melanoma at its most curable and treatable stages. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved MelaFind in 2011 after a contentious, years-long review. MelaFind® is only for use by physicians trained in the clinical diagnosis and management of skin cancer who have also successfully completed a training program in the appropriate use of MelaFind®.

SCA's doctors are leaders, research investigators, lecturers and innovators in various aspects of cosmetic dermatology. "Melanoma is the most serious diagnosis of dermatology and we are happy to provide our doctors with the latest technology that will help them with their decisions," said David Wagener, Chief Executive Officer.